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Rich Ives... Awarded


National Tattoo Association Awarded at a NTA International Tattoo Convention Rich has been honored to receive over 350 Local, State, National and International trophies for his great artwork!!!
Viva Rich!   Viva Steel City!!!



Rich is a world-renowned professional tattoo artist. He has won over 350 local, national and international awards during his illustrious career for his tattooed artwork.


Rich was also the recipient of the prestigious “Best Tattooist Award” at the National Tattoo Association’s Annual Convention and International Competition, which is the industry’s largest and most respected convention. He is best known for his achievements in realism and his ability to translate his art to skin.


Throughout his career, Rich has been featured in many publications. His work has received acclaim in 8 different issues of Easyrider’s Tattoo Magazine, 2 issues of International Tattoo Art, Tattoo Tour, Skin and Ink, Tattoos for Men, and Skin Art. He has also had 2 different articles in the Pueblo Chieftain. He has been featured on network television shows and various radio stations.


Rich is much more than a tattoo artist. He is able to translate personality onto skin. His portraits have the uncanny ability to capture the spirit of the person. He is also well known for his award winning tattoo design sheets.


Rich hopes to leave his mark on the world as a decorative artist in all mediums. He decorates the human body, but he also works in other mediums. Be on the lookout for Rich’s artwork in a gallery near you! If you would like to secure an appointment with Rich please send him an e-mail at: